Presenting at the GEM Congress in Paris to the French Hand Surgery Society

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Finished 2018 with a trip to Paris, to present at GEM Congress – the annual scientific meeting of the French hand surgery society (SFCM).

The days were short and wintery, you can see how Christmas lights cheer people up when it’s pitch black at 5pm!  The meeting was great. It’s very interesting to see how hand surgery is run in France. The SOS Main accreditation is given by the state to facilities capable of looking after all hand injuries. These may be public or private, but both receive funding from the same sources, private insurance and social security. These centres tend to be really busy, so time is of the essence for French hand surgeons.

The meeting is bilingual – French and English. Either you speak in French and have English slides or visa versa. I had 8 minutes for each of my presentations. One was on the “Stepwise” system for arthroscopic assisted reduction of distal radius fractures. The other on neutralisation screw fixation for scaphoid non-unions.

Great to catch up with Grégoire Larché, JP Podgorski and Julien Ballerini – the engineers at Newclip technics, who have brought to fruition the “Stepwise” system and the scaphoid neutralisation screw.